PUBG Update : 3 Things Expected To Come In Next UPDATE!

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1. ERANGLE 2.0

This has been a long time in the making, and has already debuted on the main PC version. PUBG Mobile devs have been teasing this new feature since August last year, but have not been able to implement it yet. It was set to release with an update in December, but the devs could not finish work on it. The promo video showcased a revamped Yasnaya Polyana, Mylta Power, Prison. It also showed the area between Mylta Power and Mylta and between Mylta and Prison. Among the noticeable changes is the new textures in the map. The reflections from the surfaces have also been reworked. The texture of the grass is better and there is more green around. The texture of the buildings look clearer. And the buildings themselves look less bulky than before. There are a lot more hoarding added.


This feature is again something that the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile already has. But has not been implemented for the international edition yet. The current highest refresh rate supported by the game is 60Hz. The devs are set to introduce the 90Hz and 120Hz refresh rate support soon. This is something users with high refresh rate display smartphones have been asking for a while now


It would be great to have high fps support in pubg mobile as the devices coming today have a high resolution screen and have a high fps support and even can handle high graphics.


Another feature that has been showcased in leak videos is drones. PUBG Mobile will apparently be taking a leaf out of Call of Duty: Mobile’s book and introducing drones for players. Form what we have seen in the leak videos, it seems that the drones will be used for reconnaissance. They don’t seem to have offensive capabilities of their own.

This might be a good addition, but we have a few questions and doubts. We are not sure if these drones will be mounted with weapons, or will players only have the option to use them as a spying tool. Also, what kind of range will these drones have, especially when it comes to bigger maps like Miramar.


It is also noteworthy, apart from PUBG Mobile, Tencent Games is also the publisher for Call of Duty: Mobile, and it seems that a lot of resource/feature sharing has been happening. For instance, we saw team deathmatch mode being added to PUBG Mobile which has been a popular game mode on COD. An inventory loadout is also making its way to PUBG Mobile specifically for team deathmatch mode, which again is something that is seen on COD: Mobile. 

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