How to join a kingdom as a mercenary & vassal in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord ?

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Kingdoms are always searching out help from mercenaries and new vassals in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, depending on whether they may be presently at war. Joining a country is a amazing way to earn money and fame. It’s additionally a sure way to get into sieges and huge battles.

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How to sign up for a state as a mercenary

The first step in becoming a member of a nation is as a mercenary. Nobody knows who you’re and as such you first need to prove your worth as a sellsword.

  • Level your clan up to 1. (Completing the “Rebuild your Clan” quest additionally calls for this.)
  • Wait for the kingdom you desire to sign up for goes to war.
  • Find a lord of a state you wish to enroll in at the map.
  • Speak to them about becoming a member of as a mercenary.
  • You’re now enlisted with that state. Its enemies are actually your enemies unless you cancel your contract. You can now be a part of battles, armies, take part in sieges, and earn some severe coin.
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  • Influence earned at some stage in is likewise changed into coin, which offsets your army upkeep slightly, permitting you to remain inside the motion for longer.

Do observe that kingdoms your state is warring with will now attempt to take you down must they spot you alone inside the field. You might not earn any settlements or forts here, but you’ll be capable of collect military, lots of items, and prisoners.

How to enroll in a country as a vassal

Your clan desires to hit stage 2 earlier than you’re capable of be part of a kingdom as a vassal. Joining first as a mercenary facilitates to build relations. If your extended family has large renown, you may be part of a state as a vassal. By doing so, you’ll be swearing to a ruler and going all-in with a selected faction, so pick wisely.

  • Level your extended family as much as 2.
  • Find the ruler of a kingdom you want to sign up for as a vassal.
  • Speak to them about becoming a member of as a vassal.
  • Swear an oath and progress through the dialog.
  • The primary difference between mercenaries and vassals is the latter has a better tie to the dominion.
  • As a vassal, you’ll be capable of vote on various political topics, be in with the threat of obtaining land, and lift armies yourself.

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