Himanshi khurana in Big Boss fight with Shehnaaz Gill


Bigg Boss 13 will witness multiple wild card entrants this weekend, and one of them also happens to be Shehnaaz Gill’s sworn enemy, Himanshi Khurana. While Himanshi has denied entering the house time and again, the actress will be entering the show after all, and in a recent interview, she got talking about what went wrong with Shehnaaz, and how she intends to play her game once she is inside the houseHimanshi says how she is not going to the Bigg Boss house to sort her issues or fight with Shehnaaz and that she does not have any strategy but will do her best and play the game living in the moment. She also spoke about her fight with Shehnaaz and went on to reveal how she body-shamed her in the past and also abused her family, but said that she does not intend to bring it up in the house. She said how she did keep quiet when she spoke about her, but when it came to her family, she couldn’t stay mum. She also said how Shehnaaz started the fight when she commented on her saying she has gotten a lip surgery done.


making her entry on stage, Himanshi was asked by host Salman Khan about her long-time feud with Shehnaaz. Himanshi said that while she does not know Shehnaaz in a personal capacity, things did flare up between the two once.

She said that when she launched one of her songs, Shehnaaz launched a fierce attack on her. She gave a scathing feedback to her song but Himanshi said she was okay with it. Shehnaaz then shamed Himanshi for her body and even went so far as to insult her mother and her character. “That’s when I took a stand for myself and felt it was important to give an answer to her,” she said on stage.

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