Top 3 Ways To Earn Money from Google

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So everyone wants to know how to earn money from internet. So today we are going to tell you about five such ways to earn money from Google. Which you can earn money online from google company.

By the way, there are thousands of ways to earn money from online internet. Of which, we have already told you about the best ways to earn Best Top 5 online earn money. Today we are going to tell you about 5 ways to earn money from Google.

We all know that Google is the largest company in the world. Whose name is known to the child. If we want to know anything, then we search on google. And we get the answer to our every question. Like you searched “Google se Paise Kaise kamaye” and you got your answer

Do you know ? That you can earn money from Google at home. that is very true. Because Google gives you many such pl ateforms by using which you can earn money from google. The most reliable way to earn money on the internet from google is that anyone can earn money online.


Today, there are many people who earn 50 $ -100 $ or more every day from google. If you also want to earn money from Google and there is a lot of seriousness for this, then this post is just for you.

We are going to tell you about 5 ways to earn money from google. Which every person who earn money online from internet knows well. google is one such company that gives you many platforms to earn money online from internet. So let’s know.

First – Blogging

One such service from Blogger google with the help of which you can earn money by creating a blog of your own. The blog works just like a website. But to make a website you have to spend thousands of money, while using this service of google, you can make a blog for free.

The number of people earning money from blog is increasing day by day. Because this is a way that you can earn 50 $ to 100 $ every day. Making your blog is a very easy task. Which takes you barely 10 minutes.

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Blog  Step By Step

1. First of all make your blog with Blogger.Com.

2. Select your blog’s domain

3. Use a good blog template

4. Make the blog setting well

5. Publish by writing Blog Post.

6. Seo to rank the post in google

7. Promote Post on social media

8. Approve Blog with google adsense

9. Advertise on Blog

10. Now you can start earning money from Google via blog.

Second – Youtube 

Today, everyone likes to watch videos on Youtube because of the speed of Internet. This is also a way to earn money from google. Which youtuber is earning millions of rupees. And this is the trending way to earn money online from google which you can also use.

The special thing about youtube is that you can be famous with earning money from it. Just as you use text and image on the blog, you have to put videos on youtube. It is very easy to create YouTube channel which you can earn money.

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Youtube Step By Step

1. First create your channel on Youtube.

2. Keep a unique and short name

3. Apply Youtube channel art


4. Apply Youtube logo

5. Make a YouTube video and upload it.

6. Use YouTube video custom thumbnail

7. Use keyword in title, tag, description

8. Promote video on social media.

9. Complete 1000 subscriber.

10. Complete 4000 hours watch time youtube video.

11. Now connect your youtube channel to google adsense.

12. As soon as your youtube channel is monetization enabled from google, ads will start coming on your video.

13. Now you will be able to start making money from youtube with the help of google.

Third – Google adsens

google adsense is such a program, with the help of which you can earn money from blogger and youtube. This is an ads network. Which pays the most for its ads. So to earn money from blog and youtube, first you have to get approved with google adsense.

Just as advertising is done on a TV channel, in the world of google adsense internet, your advertiser’s advertisement appears. Which many people earn lakhs of rupees.

You get to see ads of google adsense on every blog and website. As you can see on our website. When a user sees these ads, you get paid.

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