Prince of Persia revelation PSP Cheats and Tricks 2020

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Decrease time
Display your CoordinatesShift+C
Drink small potionShift+S
Extra energy barShift+T
Extra life (Max is 10)Shift+T
Flip screenShift+I
Go to next levelShift+L
Increase time+
Kill all enimies on the screenK
Look upU
Move to bottom of screenN
Move to left of screenH
Move to right of screenJ
Move to top of screenV
New lifeR
Show coordinatesC
Show sprites/animationsShift+B
Slow falls


  • Shift-L Skip to next level
  • Shift-T Extra bar of energy
  • Shift-W Feather fall
  • Shift-I Flip Screen
  • Shift-B View Animation/Sprites
  • Shift-S Drink Small Potion
  • C View code
  • V View screen to the top
  • H View screen to the left
  • J View screen to the right
Quick finish on first stage

Rather than take the long way around to find the sword after which beat the door protect, pass down and proper from your beginning position, look forward to the shield to approach, then run left simply earlier than he is inside striking variety. You ought to be capable of trap him with you into the subsequent room. Run all the way left and climb up simply earlier than he comes inside variety once more. Go left, probe the ceiling within the subsequent room for a hidden passage, cross up after which proper once more to go back to the starting room. From right here, pass down (you may grow to be to the right of the guard), and quickly dash proper toward the exit. You’ll be able to finish the level with out ever fighting the guard, and from level 2 onwards you will robotically accept the sword even though you in no way collected it.

Start at higher degree

Start the game with the aid of typing ‘prince megahit X’ where X is quite a number among 2 and 14. In addition to getting access to the cheat codes the ‘megahit’ switch generally offers you (as listed on GameSages and GameWinners), you’ll start the sport on degree 2-14 relying at the range you chose. thirteen corresponds with the second part of degree 12 (wherein you get to combat Jaffar), and 14 corresponds with the very last few rooms after Jaffar’s defeat. Entering 15 or above, or anything apart from a variety of, will simply make you start in stage 1.

World-building & Story

Taking place within the aftermath of The Sands of Time, Revelations follows the titular prince as he tries to journey again to before the sands were created to break out his fated death due to meddling with the timeline inside the previous sport. To do so, he visits a mysterious island and explores the ruins in which the sands had been created, before finding a portal which could teleport him to and fro in time.

5As an immediate sequel, information of the prior launch is beneficial in knowledge what’s happening in Revelations, but it’s no longer essential. The sport makes use of a easy tale thread – the prince seeking to get away his fate (and a large monster named the Dahaka) – to tie the whole lot together, which is straightforward to understand whether you’re a newcomer or a Prince of Persia veteran. There are few returning characters; little inside the manner of mentions for preceding occasions and no places lifted from Sands of Time. If you’re a handheld-most effective gamer seeking to get into the series, you shouldn’t allow the reality that Revelations is the mid-quel in a trilogy positioned you off.

Of course, one returning man or woman is the Prince himself, who appears to have gone through a personality transplant for this entry. Where he had previously been a barely irresponsible young person with a knack for adventuring; here he’s a dark and brooding anti-hero complete of quip-y one liners and short, sharp sentences. It’s by no means overwhelming, however it’s miles hard to like him as a person while he appears driven best via self-hobby and accomplishing his very own goals.

Other characters are introduced on this entry such as the mysterious Kaileena, who performs an vital part inside the ordinary plot regardless of her erratic appearances; although aside from this she feels beneath-used and beneath-evolved. Strong characters from Sands like Farah don’t return that’s slightly disappointing, although allows Revelations stand on its own as a story for newcomers.

The sport’s strongest factor is its world-building, which remains relatively astonishing throughout. The abandoned temple the prince explores is a terrific location, full of hidden entice corridors mixed with massive open regions and it’s a pleasure to explore each one. Each zone additionally feels unique in design, from sprawling waterside caves to the Gardens of Babylon blanketed in leafy foliage; yet all feel nicely-located and organic in the temple you’re exploring. It’s a disgrace to peer the Arabic-stimulated designs from Sands replaced, but the crew at Ubisoft Montreal have controlled to craft a completely spectacular replacement.

Presentation & Sound

As a identify initially developed for sixth-gen domestic consoles beneath the title Warrior Within; Revelations had to go through a few cutbacks to make it onto the PSP. While this unique model of the game may not maintain up to the standards of other platforms, it’s still an excellent piece of PSP tech that appears pretty awesome on the Vita’s screen.

Character fashions are in all likelihood the weakest part of the general package, featuring some stretched and low-high-quality textures for things like clothing that virtually stand out for the duration of close-ups in cutscenes. With that said, the whole thing animates extremely nicely – whether this be the prince’s acrobatic wall-jogging to the the way a shadowy enemy slinks throughout the screen; things seem organic and natural and make up for the in any other case disappointing modelling.


Environments are the other a part of the package deal and those come off lots, tons better. Thanks to the way the sport is designed you’ll encounter quite a number areas and each is adorned with care to invoke a sure feeling. One minute you would possibly discover your self in a large open hall, flinging the camera round as you attempt to gauge the size of it all; whilst the following you can be jogging down a slim corridor absolutely reacting to the barrage of spike traps either side.

In many ways, it’s paying homage to the fifth-era Tomb Raider games but on a much grander scale – there’s a superb feel of exploration and discovering long-forgotten regions. The structure and environmental items used helps to solidify this – columns are overgrown with vegetation and fauna; wrecked pottery lies round and there’s simply a widespread sense of desertion. And then the sport will delivery you to the equal area in the past that’s an peculiar nostalgia experience as you see somewhere you’ve simply been in all its glory – it’s bizarre, yet works extremely nicely.

The PSP version specifically does have a couple of problems – cutscenes are compressed to all hell and returned and appearance grainy and poor fine as a result. Thankfully those CG scenes are few and far between, with most vital conversations being rendered in-engine; however its nonetheless jarring to switch to a scene of the temple where you may nearly remember the pixels. Additionally, because of some pared-again elements inside the presentation, it can on occasion be a bit tough to peer what course you want to take to development; despite the fact that you could normally conquer this with a little trial and error.

These are usually minor troubles and it’s miles very magnificent that the entire game has been condensed down onto the PSP in tact. This includes framerate – I can’t say I ever genuinely encountered any issues with the sport slowing down (if it did, it was barely noticeable). As such, the fluid free-flowing nature of Prince of Persia‘s acrobatic platforming shines via, which is a very critical part of the overall bundle.

Sound is interesting – voice acting is solid, if a touch uninspired; even as results are used well along with the metallic clash of swords or whirring of a machine. Yet Revelations isn’t afraid to use silence to excellent effect – a great deal of the Prince’s journey may be a solitary affair and you’ll have little in the manner of accompanying noise apart from the patter of his personal feet. Music is consequently very sparingly used – again, now not distinctive to the authentic Tomb Raider games – besides right here it’s slightly much less memorable.

Gameplay & Content

Revelations mixes many genres to extraordinary effect – platforming; puzzle-solving and hack ‘n’ slash combat are all gift and mesh properly together, although some are lots extra fleshed out than others; leaving a frustratingly disjointed package deal.

At all times you’ll be on top of things of the Prince, who is a genuinely amazing character to play as capable of amazing feats. He runs around the environments with ease, always walking up partitions; jumping among ledges and scaling polls (which use a accessible lock-on mechanic for ease of movement). And the acrobatics don’t stop there – one in every of his quality manoeuvres is to run diagonally along partitions to reach new regions, which is especially beneficial whilst mixed with a number of his different moveset. You’ll without problems familiarize yourself with this and it is one in all Prince of Persia‘s most rewarding features – free-shape platforming that makes you sense like an absolute terrible-ass.

Unfortunately, the platforming is also unforgiving – judge an angle wrong and you’ll instantly plummet on your death. The game tries to relieve this with its defining feature – control of time thanks to the sands. Should you locate your self in an inescapable situation, you could rewind time to the point earlier than you die and provide it some other move. Similarly, if you’re struggling with a positive challenge you can slow time to a crawl to assist you pass through unscathed. They’re fascinating mechanics that very a good deal beautify the gameplay; including new, dynamic challenges to the platforming that wouldn’t otherwise be there.


Yet it additionally provides an pointless layer of frustration – your progress is checkpointed and you could store at any water fountain (a very neat idea), however those sense too few and a ways among because the sport expects you to use the sands to avoid a game over. Since those are a finite useful resource and Revelations regularly throws unexpected conditions at you (a jump going awry due to the fact the Prince leaps in a direction you weren’t expecting because of horrific digicam angles, for example), they can speedy get depleted inflicting you to need to replay entire sections of the game once more and again. There is lots of this, and it sucks some of the amusement out of a playthrough.

Aside from platforming, you’ll also have interaction in fight and puzzle-fixing. The former is alright – you’ll be able to chain combos; pick up and throw offhand weapons as well as parry attacks, leaving a first rate amount of range in tact. Unfortunately, combating itself is frequently drawn out through foes who continuously steer clear of away meaning you need to observe very unique styles to overcome them, that is a laugh the primary time however tedious the subsequent hundred times you combat them; leading to the latter part of the name feeling like going via the motions each time an enemy appears.

Puzzles will either be the excellent or worst part of the package deal relying to your viewpoint. Early on they’re pretty uncomplicated if a little conventional in design – pulling a lever to open a door; climbing a wall and crossing a few ropes then losing down into a room of enemies etc. Then later on, things get much greater complex – huge rooms full of separate doorways that need opening through different techniques in which it’s far from apparent in which to move next at any person factor. I could say that most players (myself included) might want a guide for those sections just to stave off frustration, even though if you can parent them out for your own it’s a profitable feeling.

Overall, there is pretty loads to do in Revelations and you’re looking at a very good 15 hours just to get to completion. I’m led to accept as true with there are PSP-specific demanding situations brought on top of the PS2 original even though with out a factor of reference I couldn’t affirm this. Whether you have got the stamina to see the game to the stop is every other question – it’s a rewarding experience while you pull off a really perfect platforming combo or resolve a specially challenging puzzle; however there’s regularly numerous frustration to get to that point.

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