How to Protect SIM Card From Swapping Attacks by hackers

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What Is a SIM-Swap Attack?

There’s not anything inherently incorrect with “SIM swapping.” If you ever lose your phone, your service will carry out a SIM switch and circulate your cell smartphone range to a new SIM card. It’s a routine customer service task.

The hassle is hackers and organized criminals have figured out the way to trick telephone corporations into acting SIM swaps. They can then get entry to accounts included with the aid of SMS-based totally two-aspect authentication (2FA).

Suddenly, your phone number is associated with someone else’s cellphone. The crook then gets all textual content messages and call calls meant for you.

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Two-factor authentication changed into conceived in reaction to the problem of leaked passwords. Many sites fail to properly shield passwords. They use hashing and salting to save you passwords from being examine of their original form through third-parties.

Even worse, many humans reuse passwords across exceptional websites. When one site receives hacked, an attacker now has everything he wishes to attack accounts on different platforms, creating a snowball effect.

For protection, many services require that people provide a special one-time password (OTP) each time they log in to an account. These OTPs are generated on the fly and are handiest valid once. They additionally expire after a short time.

For convenience, many web sites send these OTPs to your phone in a textual content message, which has its own risks. What happens if an attacker can reap your phone wide variety, both via stealing your phone or appearing a SIM change? This gives that individual almost unfettered access to your virtual life, together with your banking and monetary accounts.

So, how does a SIM-change attack work? Well, it hinges at the attacker tricking a cellphone company employee into moving your telephone quantity to a SIM card he or she controls. This can manifest either over the smartphone, or in-man or woman at a telephone store.

To accomplish this, the attacker needs to know a chunk approximately the victim. Fortunately, social media is filled with the biographical details probably to fool a safety question. Your first school, pet, or love, and your mother’s maiden call can all probable be observed in your social debts. Of course, if that fails, there’s usually phishing.


SIM-swapping attacks are worried and time-consuming, making them better-suitable for centered incursions against a particular individual. It’s difficult to pull them off at scale. However, there were some examples of massive SIM-swapping attacks. One Brazilian organized crime gang was able to SIM swap 5,000 sufferers over a relatively short length of time.

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How Should You Respond?

When a SIM-swapping attack happens, it’s critical you take immediate, decisive action to save you matters from getting worse.

First, name your financial institution and credit score card businesses and request a freeze to your accounts. This will save you the attacker from the use of your budget for fraudulent purchases. Since you’ve also successfully been the sufferer of identity theft, it’s also smart to touch the various credit bureaus and request a freeze on your credit score.

Then, attempt to “get ahead” of the attackers via moving as many bills as possible to a new, un-tainted email account. Unlink your old cellphone number, and use strong (and completely new) passwords. For any debts you’re unable to attain in time, touch client service.

Finally, you ought to touch the police and document a report. I can’t say this enough—you’re the victim of a crime. Many homeowner’s coverage policies include protection for identity theft. Filing a police file might allow you to file a claim towards your coverage and recover some money.

How to Protect Yourself From an Attack

Of course, prevention is always better than a cure. The fine manner to shield against SIM-swapping assaults is to simply no longer use SMS-based totally 2FA. Fortunately,

there are some compelling alternatives.

You can use an app-based authentication program, like Google Authenticator. For every other stage of protection, you can select to purchase a physical authenticator token, just like the YubiKey or Google Titan Key.

If you without a doubt must use textual content- or name-primarily based 2FA, you need to keep in mind making an investment in a committed SIM card you don’t use everywhere else. Another choice is to apply a Google Voice number, even though that isn’t to be had in most countries.

Unfortunately, even if you use app-primarily based 2FA or a bodily protection key, many services will allow you to skip those and regain get admission to to your account through a text message sent to your smartphone number. Services like Google Advanced Protection offer more bulletproof protection for people prone to being targeted, “like journalists, activists, commercial enterprise leaders, and political campaign teams.”

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