How to play EA Sports Cricket 17?

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An innovative idea by using EA SPORTS Century keyboard control scheme, batting has turned out to be additional spontaneous, reactive and cost-effective than always. For the very first time in a totally cricket recreation, players will relish complete control over foot alternative, shot, path, energy along with timing, all ruled through the employment of every digital manipulate by keyboard. A lower back or front foot stroke is chosen with the up or down arrow keys, and then shot timing is judged. Allied to new cameras that deliver additional herbal behind-the-stumps batting angle and a much wider readership of the sector, cricket has by no means been as simply and as accessible. With decorated recreation play, a number of tournaments, with interactive comments and new statements from Mark Saint Nicholas and Richie Benaud, you won’t understanding cricket this authentic even as no longer moving into whites and walking down the marquee steps yourself. You can get the sport from EA Sports Cricket Official Site
The PC Instructions:

If you play this game, You are surely going to like it the way it’s far presented by means of the EA Sports. You can download the game or buy it from the shop with some bucks to spare. You have to go for the PC version that can be played on all of the operating structures on a PC with 768 pixel compatibility. That will offer you an HD look this is related to this sport.

Instructions to Play the Game on PC

The game provides you an interactive characteristic and recreation playing techniques. They have made playing cricket simple very simple in comparison to the actual cricket on the fields. On the fields you need to choose the shot manually and then play in such a way which you hit the ball with correct timing and strength or you are out but here you already know in which the ball goes to fall as it suggests the jump point and you need to chose your shot by urgent a few keys on the keyboard.

General Settings

  • First you should create a profile as quickly as you install the sport to your PC
    The profile is saved inside the ‘My Cricket’ choice
  • You can adjust the problem in the sport at what you need to play.
  • Then you may pick the game ‘Overs’ to be performed from the options. They are 10, 20 or 50 overs
    You can go to the fielding phase to choose computerized fielding or the semi car fielding. Both have a special set of playing ways.
  • The sport affords you three alternatives- you can play a ‘Quick Game’ or a ‘Tournament’ a one day match or a check match you could pick out any.
    Different Playing Ways
  • You have to pick out a team and while you start the fit you have to do this, whilst you see the leap point you have to simply assume what shot you need to play or you have to depart the ball.
    To play the ball you need to S, D or W key. S is for back foot defense, D is the front foot defense, W is also again foot defense but for the balls that bounce on your chest height
    If you need to move for pictures that carry runs for you use the D key with arrows for drives, leg glance, and deep crease drives these can deliver you unmarried doubles and fours
    For a lofted drives press ‘Shift’ and the course along with your arrow keys the ball will pass soaring within the sky for a 4 an if it is a good shot out of the ground for a six
    If you press the arrow key with S key it will likely be a stand and deliver the shot
    Pressing Shift+S+arrow keys will deliver you a stand and deliver a shot for six
    Two simple rules for Bowlers– choose the keys out of the alternatives you get on the proper aspect of your display through urgent the corresponding key and press arrow keys in the route you want to transport the ball into. Look for the speed of the ball at the right left side. It must no longer pass the green bar or it shall be a no ball.
    Just comply with these easy commands and you would experience like gambling the sport with the same excitement as inside the fields. Enjoy cricket.
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The most cherished task – Batting. Everyone loves it, whether or not it’s intended to play at the floor with friends or on your PC in spare time. Almost each person is hungry and desperate to bat, and for some, the format doesn’t matter, the bowler doesn’t matter, nor the conditions matters to some, they simply love to hit the ball, and in case you are one in all them then heads off to you.

Join an academy in case you need to bat successfully to play cricket in real lifestyles and read this article if you need to learn to bat to play right cricket in cricket 07 game! I even have shared my batting guidelines on this article, study, try, practice & master batting!

Note – These batting controls are for Keyboard customers only!
Here are the Function keys which you want to don’t forget or say use while batting.

  • To Defend/Play Shots, drives – S/D/W
  • To hit the ball in directions – Arrows [UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT]To take a run – D
  • To Cancel a run – A
    To Dive even as jogging to attain crease and save our-self from being out – W
    To hit lofted photographs (Boundaries) – SHIFT

First, allow me clear the most critical fundamental in batting – The ability to time the ball efficaciously known as as Timing. If you don’t time the ball at an appropriate time then those controls are of no use, you’ll keep losing wickets each time. So I suggest you to practice to play the perfect pictures at the correct time with the controls (supplied below) in schooling nets.

These Batting Controls are for Broadcast Camera Angle. Make sure you have decided  on this digital camera angle to play the pictures and manage batting. Here’s a Screenshot of the Broadcast Camera Angle! This alternative is default in the game.

Broadcast Camera Angle

Note – To use these controls first Change your control settings from “Auto” to “Manual” in-game settings Option!


  • Use These Controls to play OFF SIDE Deliveries on Front Foot.
    Use “A” to Leave the Ball.[Leave]
  • Use “S”or “S+Up arrow” to defend the ball at the front foot.[Front foot Defence]
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  • Use “S+Left arrow” to Cut the ball thru point region.[Square cut]
  • Use “S+Down arrow” to drive the ball toward the bowler. [Straight Drive]
  • Use “S+Left & down arrow” to Drive the ball through covers. [Cover Drive]Use “S+Up & Left arrow” to guide the ball via the Thirdman region.
  • Use These Controls to play Middle & On facet Deliveries on Front Foot.
    Use “S+Down & Right arrow” to force the ball in Long on & Mid-wicket region.[On drive]
  • Use “S+Right arrow” to drive the ball at the Square leg & Fine leg region. [Flick]Use “S+Up & Right arrow” to brush


  • Use “A” to Leave the Ball.[Leave/Duck]
  • Use “W” or “W+Up arrow” to defend the ball at the returned foot.[Back foot Defence]
  • Use “W+Left arrow” to Cut the ball via point region.[Powerful Cut Shot]
  • Use “W+Down arrow” to power the ball towards the bowler. [Back foot Straight Drive]
  • Use “W+Left & down arrow” to Drive the ball thru covers. [Back foot Cover Drive/ Back foot Punch]Use “W+Up & Left arrow” to guide the ball through the Thirdman region.
  • Use These Controls to play Middle & On aspect Deliveries on Back Foot.
    Use “W+Down & Right arrow” to drive the ball in Long on & Mid-wicket region.[On drive]
  • Use “W+Right arrow” to hit the ball on the Square leg & Fine leg region. [Leg
  • Glance/Pull Shot]Use “W+Up & Right arrow” to direct the ball in Square leg & Fine leg region [Pull/Hook]

Note – All These controls stated above can be called as floor pictures. If overlooked time, then the ball will improve up in the air and you can get out. Use those controls to live long at the crease and build an innings.

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