How to enable dark theme on WhatsApp for desktop

 WhatsApp is the popular chat app and used by over 1 million users across the globe. The reason being the ease of use that it offers and the fact that its free. Facebook, the company that owns WhatsApp, keeps on adding new features to the app in order to help it stay ahead of the other apps. Amongst the many features that have recently made it to the app, the most talked about is the dark theme.

Dark theme has become a trend these days with every company jumping in to be a part of this trend. WhatsApp is no different. The app is already said to be working on a dark theme for the mobile app version with no words on when will it be rolled out for users. The same goes for the desktop version too. There are only rumors that the chat app is working on dark mode for its web version but there are no words on when will it be launched.


But this does not mean you cannot run the theme on your desktop. To run the dark theme on WhatsApp web, make sure you have the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome in your system. An XDA Member m4heshd has created a mod that lets you enable dark theme on the desktop version.


“FYI, this is not a modded version of WhatsApp. It’ll just modify the styling of your currently installed build of WhatsApp desktop. It’s 100 per cent safe and anybody’s welcome to look through the source code and review,” the developer writes on the website.

This mod is not compatible with Microsoft store or App store version of WhatsApp desktop. Also, the mod is an open-source which means that the developer cannot read your messages or tap on your calls. The mod will only change the styling of the app and not the functionality.

Download WhatsApp directly to get the desktop version. Download from this link-

 Now download WhatsApp Desktop Dark Mode styling for Windows or macOS from GitHub. For Windows use this link- and for the macOS version use this-


 Now, extract the downloaded ZIP file and run the extension WADark.exe or WADark in the same folder. Wait for the installation to complete and you will get the dark mode. You can return to the light mode by simply re-running the script or using the button given on the top left corner.

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