Here’s how you can download TikTok videos on to your phone

TikTok is a platform where people add short videos to entertain the audience. Sometimes a video or come up which you like plenty and want to download it for later viewing. So today we can be taking a examine how you may download motion pictures on in your system.

TikTok has an integrated choice that allows you to down load films that pique your interest. Here’s how you could down load TikTok films on to your smartphone immediately from the app

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Open TikTok and skim to the video you want to down load.
While looking the video tap the ‘Share’ icon placed at the bottom right corner.

  • * It will bring up a proportion box as a way to provide you with various alternatives to share the video.
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  • * Browse and pick out the save choice to down load the video on to your smartphone.

Keep in mind, this trick will handiest paintings for creators with public get admission to enabled on their motion pictures. This will not work for motion pictures, on which creators have restricted downloads to simply their buddies and following.

Another factor to preserve in mind, the above-mentioned approach stamps a watermark to the video selling TikTok and the creator’s channel. If you do not want that, you can without a doubt follow the stairs below:
Follow the above-stated steps and open the Share menu.

  • Now do not click at the Save video button, instead, copy the link.
  • Now open your internet browser and head to a third-party website like ‘expertsphp’ that helps you to download videos thru URL.
  • Paste the video URL there, choose a resolution and download.

* The video after being downloaded will show up internal of your gallery

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