How to Change Your Username on TikTok in 5 Easy Steps

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Whether you are a brand constructing a presence on TikTok or certainly one of its young everyday users, there may be a reasonable threat that you may one day be unhappy with the username you selected whilst you created your account. Our mind and pastimes change over time, and that snazzy play on words you once notion made the appropriate username, may seem cheesy and embarrassing a few years on.

If that’s the case, you is probably thinking about converting your username on TikTok to some thing more applicable to the “you” of today

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Of course, one in every of the actual purposes of having a username is as part of your on-line security. Therefore, TikTok and, indeed, most on-line sites, don’t make it too clean to exchange your username. They need to make certain that it is honestly you and no longer a few imposter seeking to advantage get admission to to your account.

Site administrators generally use usernames to help preserve their website in order, helping to keep appropriate conversations and different posts in and unsolicited mail out. While you may find it demanding having to log into TikTok and your other bills often, particularly with a new or up to date device, it at the least guarantees that the whole lot runs smoothly and keeps those seeking to dedicate on line mischief far from your account.

Of course, there’s another reason why usernames are essential. They are an perception into you as a person. They constitute your online persona.

Some people put lots time and power into arising with the right username for his or her personality. This can be mainly challenging when you consider that everyone has to have a completely unique username.

Other people don’t care less, and are happy to accept TikTok’s suggestions – Mike789 or Miley567 are traditional examples of this.

Of course, some humans deliberately pass for enigmatic usernames, possibly even a random jumble of letters and numbers to confuse those people who select a neater, tidier approach to call their debts.

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TikTok makes it relatively smooth to trade your username if you have outgrown your current one. You really go through the subsequent steps if you want to trade your username:

1. Open your TikTok app, logging in with your present username and password.

2.Select Me to go to your profile page. You will see this positioned in the bottom right corner of your screen. Select the red Edit Profile button beneath your profile picture

3. Select your existing username

4. Delete your current username, and then type your new username into the space provided

5.Tap Save

Tips for a Good Username

As we noted above, people take very different procedures to putting their TikTok (or indeed some other on-line) usernames. Some put big thought into having the perfect username for them. Others take the first one which comes to mind, or where applicable, honestly take a counseled username.

One factor you should don’t forget is the usernames you use in your social bills. You frequently run bills across a couple of platforms, and it makes it much less difficult for them if you use a consistent naming approach across all of your social accounts. This is simply as relevant for agencies which have a TikTok presence as well as on different social platforms.


Interestingly, the previously stated Arishfa Khan breaks that pattern. She is @_arishfakhan_ on TikTok and Twitter, arishfakhan138 on Instagram, Arishfa Khan on YouTube, Arishfakhan on Snapchat, and @Iarishfakhan on Facebook.

If you see your self as probably becoming an influencer (or you are trying to logo yourself, possibly for commercial enterprise reasons), you will need to don’t forget that when arising with a username. You are going to want a call constant together with your branding throughout all of your on line properties.

This is specifically so if you feel tempted to provide you with a joke call that may not suit in with the photograph you are attempting to portray. Some people who can be rebellious of their youth pick out names that they experience emphasize that, e.G., Stoner123 or even Smackhead456. Remember that many capacity employers now take a look at activity candidates’ social postings. They are unlikely to be inspired with rebel or joke-type usernames.

If you desire to completely forget about your actual or commercial enterprise call when growing a TikTok username, you can consciousness on another region of your life. Perhaps you can create a call regarding one in all your hobbies, interests, or maybe pets. You may want to make a name that highlights a key side of your persona or even appearance (but don’t be self-deprecating).

Just make sure that whatever username you pick out stays authentic for your private values and the image you need to expose online, as long as you avoid the ones names that would embarrass you later in life.

In addition to our suggestions, we made above there are a few regulations you should don’t forget having for any username you make. Most of these are for account security, not just for TikTok, but for anywhere you operate a username.

Don’t use your email address as a username. Sure you operate it to log into some platforms (not TikTok), but usernames and electronic mail addresses are intentionally different
Don’t give too much away approximately your self by using your complete call, smartphone number, or address as a username. You could include your us of a or city, but do not go greater granular than that
While you want a few consistency between usernames for branding purposes, don’t reuse a clearly precise username everywhere. Sure it’s great where you want branding, however don’t apply it to debts you don’t intend to use publicly
Don’t use a username that offers a clue in your password, e.G., the first part of a two-part statement
Don’t use an irrelevant username for the situation – TikTok is public, with a younger audience, and all and sundry can see your username

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