AarogyaPath Portal launched, you will be able to keep a real-time look at healthcare supplies

In view of the ever increasing cases of corona virus and the shortage in health facilities, a new website has been launched, named “AarogyaPath”. Considering the COVID-19 epidemic, it is India’s web-based healthcare supply chain solution aimed at providing real-time availability of critical healthcare supplies to manufacturers, suppliers and customers. The Council of Scientific and Industry Research (CSIR) launched this portal on 12 June.

According to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, this integrated public platform will help in tackling the daily problems faced by customers such as dependence on limited suppliers, identifying good quality products, more time consuming process and limited access to suppliers etc. .


In addition, this platform will help manufacturers and suppliers to reach customers like pathological labs, medical stores, hospitals, etc.

CSIR expects this portal to improve the availability of healthcare supplies to meet the shortages in patient care in India.

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Significantly, in view of the increasing number of customers and new requirement of products, opportunities will also be created in business expansion through this platform.

According to the latest data from the Union Health Ministry, 11,502 new corona virus cases have been reported in India before the corona virus cases in the country crossed 3,32,424.

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