5G trial may Start in India from Next month, but Chinese companies will not get Permission

In order to move the telecom sector in the country towards new technology, work is progressing rapidly on 5G service. It is believed that its trial can also start from next month i.e. September. For this, the Department of Telecommunications is considering providing spectrum to companies so that it can be tried. However, spectrum will not be auctioned yet.


Auction only after 6 months trial

According to the report of business channel CNBC-TV18, the Department of Telecommunications wants to test this service thoroughly before fully launching the country. In the report, quoting an official, it has been claimed that companies will have to trial 5G devices and spectrum for at least 6 months.

According to the report, if this trial is successful, then only then the government will consider the auction of 5G spectrum next year. With the advent of 5G, the speed of internet in the country will increase more and people will have better internet experience.

So far 4G service is running in the country, which started as broadband in 2012. In 2014, Airtel also launched it in mobile service. After this, all the major companies gradually got into this service.

Entry to only 3 companies, Chinese companies are not allowed

It has also been told in the report that Chinese companies will not be given entry for this trial. According to the report, the Telecom Department has suggested that Chinese companies may not be involved in the trial or auction process of the 5G service.


According to the Telecom Department official, only Nokia, Samsung and Ericsson have been allowed to participate in this trial. The 5G service will be first tested on the devices of these companies.

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