5 Best Facebook Groups for WordPress Developers and Freelancers

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Many of us who work with WordPress work alone or with a small team, and personal meetings do not happen every day. Working from home, as many in the WordPress community do, can be isolated. When you love your family (and pets), you might want to connect with more people who get what WordPress is.

Part of the WordPress community can provide support for your work, tips on how to solve problems, and interact regularly with others who speak the same language.Real world metups are great, and the WordPress community thrives with them, but online communities help fill the gap in our networks.

Choose the Right Facebook Group for Your WordPress

Knowledge Level When you’re looking for help with a WordPress problem, it may seem like a good idea to post your help and advice request to any WordPress group, but all too often, a troublesome post. it is not resolved because the group is not the best for your question. Advanced users get frustrated answering simple questions over and over again, and those in a group of beginners may not have the skills to help with more advanced queries.

  1.  WordPress Freelancers | Professional Developers & Designers


WordPress Freelancers | Professional Developers Designers In this Facebook Group You’ll get most Professional Creative Developers. If you are a Developer or Looking for Some Expert for your Work so you’ll definitely get a good community of freelance Developers here.  You’ll get all Web Development Services , SEO, Graphic Designer, WP Themes & Plugins.

2. WordPress Web Design and Development


Our Approach to Website Development
* Research & Discovery
* Graphic Design
* WordPress Development
* Content Migration & SEO
* Support & Maintenance
* WordPress Themes/Plugins 
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3. Advanced WordPress

The Advanced WordPress group is one of the most interesting out there. It boasts over 30,000 members, and the list includes some of the most influential names in the world of WordPress. Like the other groups on this list, membership is closed – meaning a moderator has to approve your request to join. Posts are also subject to moderator approval, which helps to keep the content relevant. And, as its name suggests, you’ll find some very advanced discussions regarding code, design and WordPress features. But don’t let that stop you from requesting membership. You don’t need to be a hardcore developer in order to learn something useful.

4. WordPress Freelancers

This is a small group focused on the business aspects of being a freelancer who uses WordPress. Topics of discussion are more related to tools, services and business practices – so don’t expect any sort of technical support. But you will have a chance to connect with others who work in a similar space and are willing to share their experiences. You might just find a tried-and-true way to help boost your business.

5. WordPress Developer Web Designer

WordPress Developer and Web Designer, This group only for help, hiring developer, etc. There is no shortage of great WordPress resources out there. But the beauty of the Facebook groups above is that they are very much an interactive experience. Depending on the group you join, you may even rub virtual elbows with the developer of your favorite theme or plugin.



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