Xiaomi Warm Cup Charge Your Smartphone Wirelessly

  • The Xiaomi Warm Cup can heat drinks to 55 degrees Celsius.
  • The coaster also charges smartphones wirelessly at 10W fast charging.
  • The Warm Cup is made of ceramic and is completely waterproof.

As GizmoChina reports, Xiaomi is now selling a wireless Warm Cup (obviously) in China priced at 189 Yuan (approximately Rs 2,000). What’s so special about this cup? Does it have Bluetooth or does it tell you what your drink is made of? No, nothing that fancy. Xiaomi also does simple stuff at times and this Warm Cup is simple in its function but one that’s quite clever.

As the name suggests the Xiaomi Warm Cup heats up your drink up to a constant temperature of 55 degrees Celsius. The heating is done via a wireless charging tea coaster and Xiaomi says that this method is safer for heating instead of the conventional wire heating method. And Xiaomi also says that the cup is made of ceramic and it is completely waterproof. Hence, you can clean it like any normal cup. Xiaomi also says its durable but it’s made of ceramic and it will definitely not be surviving big drops.

But when you are not using the tea coaster, you can place your smartphone on the coaster to charge it wirelessly. Xiaomi says the coaster will support up to 10W wireless charging and it can fill up phone from various brands such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple and other. You do have to keep in mind that your phone should also support wireless charging.

As of now, the Warm Cup in only available in China and it costs 189 Yuan. You can ship from there if you are really interested in a cup that warms your drink and charges your phone at the same time.

Xiaomi currently has a limited number of lifestyle home products for sale in India. The recent addition to the lineup is the Mi Air Purifier 3 and the Mi Air Purifier 2C.

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