Xiaomi hybrid earphones Launched

Xiaomi has launched a new pair of premium wireless earphones in China. The new earphones, called the Xiaomi HiFi Hybrid Flagship Earphones, come with HiRes audio and get MMCX gold-plated connectors with thicker coatings. These are claimed to support up to four times more connections and disconnections. Also, these connectors can be replaced easily if breaks down, added compa


he Xiaomi HiFi Hybrid Flagship Earphone can work in wireless and wired mode. It means you can either use them with a cable and through a Bluetooth controller. In wireless mode, these can be plugged in to a Bluetooth DAC amplifier, which supports LDAC, Hi-Res SBC and AAC. In wired mode, it can be used with bundled 3.5mm jack cable or the USB Type-C cable which has a DAC chip.


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