Worried about WhatsApp Group’s notifications? Will get rid of this new feature

According to a report, WhatsApp is working on many features. Many times users get upset due to notifications of instant messaging app whatsApp. Keeping this in mind, the company is bringing a new feature. After this feature, you can mute the notifications of groups forever.

According to WABetaInfo, the new mute always option has appeared in the latest WhatsApp Beta for Android version According to the report, after muting WhatsApp group notifications, users will get the option of Always instead of One Year option. After the introduction of this feature, the users themselves will not change the settings till then WhatsApp notifications will be muted.


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Earlier, WhatsApp users could keep the notifications of a group muted for a year, but now it will always have the option. This feature can be special for those who have been associated in a group and cannot leave the group even if they want to. Users can see the chat and message of these groups at any time, and every message is muted when users are not notified.


Beta users are getting updates

Right now this option is available in the beta version of WhatsApp and not all users will see it in the settings. Beta users can update their app on the Play Store and use it. Apart from this, WhatsApp will also offer ‘Multi Device Support’ for users, through which a WhatsApp account can be run on different devices from the same number.

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