What to do if your smartphone’s Gmail storage becomes full? Learn the easiest way here

Many of us are struggling with the storage problem in our Gmail account. Many times we get a message that Gmail storage is full and you will have to delete the mail for storage. Google gives users a total of 15GB of storage for free, this drive is storage for files, emails, WhatsApp backup and others. If you have an Android phone, 15GB is very easy to fill.

You will get this information on Google Forum Storage, where two answers are found very often. The first is to purchase 100GB of additional cloud storage from Google for Rs 130 per month, and the second is to free up some storage to accommodate new mail.

There are three ways you can free up storage in your Google Account: Delete files, mail and Google Photos by size in Google Drive.


1. Delete files according to size in Google Drive

– Before PC or Desktop go here – https://drive.google.com/#quota

  • Login your Gmail account
  • After this, you will see files according to size.
  • You can delete files you don’t need

  • 2. Delete the mail
  • Login to Google account first
  • ¬†Search it by going to the search bar, has: attachment larger: 10M
  • ¬†After this, the mail which is larger than 10 mb will appear in front of you.
  • After this, delete the mail which is not needed.
  • After this select trash and delete all. Now go to the spam folder and delete all the emails there.
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3. Google Photo

  • – Go to this link from your desktop – https://photos.google.com/settings

  • – Login to Google Account

  • – Change upload quality from original to high

After this, Google will ask you to recover your storage, which will convert your previous uploads to high quality. With this you will get the facility of storage and your storage will be empty.

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