What happens if we configure Office 365 f1 license to Mobile Outlook application?

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Microsoft 365 F1, created for the firstline workers. A mostly cloud based Office 365 license with the benefits of EMS.


An encrypted connection to your mail server is not available.
Click Next to attempt using an unencrypted connection.

This error message is displayed even though the user entered his or her email address and password correctly on the Auto Account Setup page of the Add New Account Wizard in Outlook. Just like with the other Microsoft 365 plans, you will get everything from the corresponding Office 365 plan, so in this case Office 365 F1. You will also get Enterprise Mobility and Security features and Windows Enterprise E3.

Sometimes it will start working on your phone quickly but you will also get many type of error with it so use in your PC,Laptop etc. in mobile you cannot use proper features


In Microsoft F1 is also Windows Enterprise E3 included. If you like at the price of the F1 plan then it’s hard to believe. It isn’t then also the full version of Windows Enterprise E3, some Enterprise features are missing.

Missing in the Window license are for example the virtualization rights, downgrade right and other versions/edition rights. So it can run only on the local machine.

Microsoft 365 F1 Price

So what does Microsoft 365 F1 cost? The price is listed for $ 10 per user per month. Is’t worth the money? Well, adding EMS to your Office 365 suite is from security perspective a good idea. You will get the tools to easily secure and protect your data and devices.

If we compare the price against the individual products then we can say the the F1 plan is a good deal. Windows Enterprise E3 (local only) can’t be bought separately.

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