Video capture feature of HireMee, will now apply for jobs by recording video from mobile

The online digital assessment program HireMee brings video capture feature. The company claims that this will help about one crore youth searching for jobs. The company has announced to add video capture feature to the HireMee platform to make the online job platform more user friendly

. HireMee said last Sunday that it is working on a video capture feature. Let us know that the National Career Service (NCS) was recently launched by the Ministry of Labor and Employment. It was a tech-based initiative to provide jobs to about 10 million youth in the country. IME also introduced the video capture feature.

The company claims that due to the video profile option, the job application can be recorded and sent by video. The company said that the candidate will have to post a video instead of the form, in which the candidate will have to enter the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest, education background and other types of information related to the skill. After posting their recording, the candidate will also be able to improve it. Each candidate can post three 20-second vodios on the portal, giving information about their skills, experience and education. This video posting feature will be completely free. After the video is posted, HireMee’s content team will review the recording.

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The NCS registered candidate will benefit from this video capture platform. Currently there are about 10 million users on the NCS portal. These jobs will be for both private and public sector. The company claims that the video posting feature will increase Condidate’s job opportunities. Also time will be saved. The NCS portal on the HireMee platform has around 2,500 clients.

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