Top 5 Benefits of display advertisements for new online businesses

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In this fast-paced world of technology, effective communication has become much more essential for businesses to stay relevant. As more businesses are going online, it is becoming difficult for new businesses to make an effective presence. So, it is necessary to make the most of your online presence.
When advertising your new business online, the three crucial factors to consider are visual appeal to grasp more attention, relevancy to boost response, and location to increase the exposure, and display ads help in all these. Display ads can be found on websites, applications, and social media platforms. They help promote businesses whenever online visitors browse the web, watch online videos, or use mobile devices and mobile applications.

Let’s take a look at some of the most significant benefits of display advertisements:

1. They are visually engaging and attractive

One of the biggest benefits of display advertisements is that they are very eye-c atching. As they are graphic content, they can easily be designed and customized. Usual Search Engine Marketing ads only contain text, on the other hand, display advertisements allow you to use graphics, video, audio, and your company’s branding, all of which attracts more user.
You may also make use of animation to draw more attention to your webpage/product page.


2. They help establish your business as a solid brand

Being able to effectively showcase your brand USP and services allows for better credibility and trust. As display ads allow you to provide all the important information in a more stylized and compelling manner, a user can easily gather information about your product/service just by seeing your display advertisement, no click necessary, unlike a pay-per-click ad.

3. Boost your online visibility

Just bringing your business online is of no use if you don’t have an effective online presence. Although display ads are target audience-specific, it does not mean they restrict the visibility of your business up to a particular audience these ads allows you to appear on highly-trafficked websites along with the ones related to the offer of your ad.

4. Provide data for monitoring your marketing activities

To analyze the performance of your ad campaigns and to prepare future strategies, it is essential to monitor your ads. Display ad platforms provide you with the data which helps you know exactly how many times your ad(s) has been clicked.
For instance, the Google Display Network and Facebook Advertising provide detailed reports that tell which display ads have the most clicks.


5. Affordable yet effective

Last but not least, display advertisements are not only very eye-catching and effective, but they are also quite economical when you consider the value it provides.
Unlike the advertisements on television or radio, it’s relatively inexpensive to run display ads. You only need an image and some text to create display ad campaigns. Usually, the cost is calculated according to the ‘number of impressions’ it gets. One impression equals to a single page view by an online visitor.

After coming across all the perks that display ads offer, they are certainly an excellent way to increase your brand visibility and awareness. It helps in bringing quality traffic to your website, which eventually, improves conversions.

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