TikTok Remove from App Store and Google Play Store in Hong Kong

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After the announcement of Tiktok’s exit from the Hong Kong market, it is no longer on the Google Play store and app store. He had recently cited the new national security law implemented by China, leaving behind Hong Kong. The last few times have not been good for Tittock. Earlier he was banned in India. It was also removed from the Play Store and App Store.

Message of getting closed after opening app

According to Bloomberg report, after removing the app from the App Store and Play Store in Hong Kong, current users who still have the app in their smartphone. On trying to open their app, a message appears saying, “Thank you for spending time at TickTalk and for giving us the opportunity to bring a little bit of happiness in your life.” We are sorry to say that we have stopped operating Tiktok in Hong Kong.


Tiktok had around 1.5 lakh active users in Hong Kong. Not only TickTock but many American companies including Google, Microsoft, Zoom, Facebook, Twitter had said that they will temporarily stop giving information related to users’ data to Hong Kong authorities. According to a Google spokesperson, “When the law went into effect, we prohibited the Hong Kong authorities from giving any new data and we will continue to review the new law in detail.”

Likewise, Facebook said in a statement, “We are preventing the review of government requests for users’ data from Hong Kong. The National Security Act is being scrutinized, including human rights. With international human rights experts Being consulted. “


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It is worth mentioning that earlier in India, TikTok and 58 other apps were banned by the government. Tiktok had more than 200 million users in India, of which a large number were rural area users.

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