Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to Fix Camera Tracking Issues

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a challenging and rewarding game, but some players may experience frustration when the camera doesn’t track the action properly. This can make boss fights and other combat encounters more difficult than they need to be. In this guide, we will discuss some ways to fix camera tracking issues in Sekiro.

  1. Adjust the Camera Settings The first thing you can do to fix camera tracking issues in Sekiro is to adjust the camera settings. Go to the Options menu and select Camera. Here, you can adjust the camera speed, distance, and other settings. Experiment with different settings until you find ones that work well for you.

  2. Lock Onto Your Target Another way to ensure the camera tracks the action properly is to lock onto your target. This can be done by pressing the lock-on button (R3 on PS4, RS on Xbox One, and right-click on PC). Locking onto your target will keep the camera focused on them, making it easier to track their movements during combat.

  3. Use the Right Stick to Adjust the Camera In Sekiro, you can use the right stick to adjust the camera manually. This can be useful if the camera isn’t following the action properly. Simply move the right stick in the direction you want the camera to face. This will help you keep track of your enemies and react to their attacks more easily.

  4. Position Yourself Correctly Sometimes, camera tracking issues in Sekiro can be caused by your positioning. Make sure you are standing in the right place to get a clear view of the action. You may need to move around to find the best vantage point.

  5. Avoid Obstacles Obstacles such as trees, walls, and other objects can interfere with the camera’s tracking. Try to avoid standing too close to obstacles during combat encounters. If you can’t avoid them, use the right stick to adjust the camera manually.

  6. Upgrade Your Prosthetic Tools Some of Sekiro’s prosthetic tools can help you keep track of the action during combat. For example, the Loaded Shuriken can be used to interrupt enemy attacks, giving you more time to react. Other prosthetic tools, such as the Firecrackers, can be used to distract enemies and create openings for attacks.


In conclusion, camera tracking issues can be frustrating in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but there are several ways to fix them. Experiment with the camera settings, lock onto your target, adjust the camera manually, position yourself correctly, avoid obstacles, and upgrade your prosthetic tools. With these tips, you should be able to keep track of the action and enjoy Sekiro’s challenging combat encounters.

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