President Trump approved, Chinese app TikTok and Wechat will be banned in America

Chinese apps TikTok and WeChat will be closed soon in the US. The executive order to ban these apps has been signed by US President Donald Trump on Thursday. Trump’s executive order called TikTok a threat to the US economy and national security, according to AFP News Agency. This order will come into force in the next 45 days. TikTok will cease doing business in the US after the order goes into effect. In such a situation, no person or firm will be able to do business transactions with ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok. However, ByteDance will have the right to sell TikTok’s US business in this 45 days.

Preparation of Wechat App Ban

Let us know that negotiations are on to buy the TikTok app from the Microsoft company. Earlier there was talk of Apple buying the company’s TikTok app. In addition to the TikTok ban order, Trump has also accused the Chinese company Wechat App of stealing data from users in another order. According to Trump, the Wechat app shares US citizens’ data with the Chinese government. This has threatened the security of the country. He said that the Wechat app also serves to spy on Chinese citizens coming to America. The path to the Wechat app Bain has been cleared after Trump signed another order. In such a situation, the Wechat app will also be closed in the next 45 days just like Tiktok. After WeChat’s ban in the US, Wechat’s stock volatility has begun.


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No compromise with national security

Let me tell you that before India first banned 59 Chinese apps, including Tiktok, for national security concerns, at that time Trump also talked about banning Tiktok app in US in view of national security. Along with this, last week, Trump had said that he is considering the rest of the options along with banning the Tiktok app. Trump recently instructed tiktok to sell its US operation within 6 weeks. According to Trump, there will be no compromise on their national security issues.

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