New WEAPON Update is here in Fortnite: All deatils about new update

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This content update focuses on shaking things up — specifically when it comes to weapons. Here are the highlights:

  • New revolver

    • Available in epic and legendary variants
    • Fires medium ammo
    • Holds six rounds
    • Deals 63/66 damage per shot
    • Found in chests, vending machines, supply drops, and on the floor
  • Weapons and items vaulted

    • Rare tactical assault rifle
    • Impulse grenades
    • Rift-to-Go
    • Pirate cannon
  • Weapons and items unvaulted

    • Uncommon and rare pump shotgun
    • Shockwave grenade
    • Suppressed SMG

Other weapon tweaks

In addition, availability of the tactical shotgun, burst SMG, semi-automatic sniper rifle, and Flint-Knock pistol has been reduced. Damage dealt by the minigun and heavy assault rifle has been increased.

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