New concept smartphone trends in 2020, more focus on the camera and 5G

Concept phones

The idea of a ‘concept phone’ is not new nor does one expect that every single smartphone manufacturer will follow this. Concept phones might not always make it to the market, at least for a few years, but they showcase the next level of innovation that is possible in the segment.

More 5G devices, but maybe not in India

India’s 5G trials might only start in mid-2020, but globally smartphone vendors have already declared that they plan to go big on 5G. The first 5G iPhone will make an appearance this year with the iPhone 12 series. Xiaomi plans to have more than 10 5G-ready smartphones in 2020 and they already have the first one out with the Redmi K30 series. Realme’s X50 will be a 5G phone coming in January, OnePlus 8 series will definitely have a 5G version and Samsung will expand 5G models in the S11 lineup as well.
Overall, we expect more vendors to launch 5G models across key markets like China, South Korea, USA, etc, though in India, we might not get 5G-ready phones this year.


Bigger cameras, more cameras

We saw this in 2019, where 48MP and 64MP camera became far too common, even on mid-range budget phones. The trend will only get bigger this year. The 108MP camera has already made an appearance on Xiaomi’s Mi Note 10 series, which is in fact expected in India soon. Rival Realme has also declared its plans to follow suite with a phone which will have a 108MP camera at the back. Samsung’s Galaxy S11 or S20 series will also come with this, though this will have a different sensor compared to the one seen on the Mi Note 10 series.

Last year, we saw the vivo APEX 2019 concept phone, which had no ports, Xiaomi showcased its Mi MIX Alpha which was all about the screen, and there was Meizu Zero with no holes at all to name a few. We can expect more ‘concept’ phones to emerge as the year progresses, and no all of these won’t be ‘foldable’ devices. Devices with newer kinds of display, bigger cameras, and unique designs are expected as part of the trend.


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