New character in Garena Free Fire 2020 game, Reduces the loss of Headshot

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Garena is good news for free fire users. Gamemakers have added a new character to the Free Fire game, named Wolfrahh. The specialty of this character is that it reduces the loss from headshot to a great extent. In addition, this character also increases the firepower of the accompanying players. So let’s know in detail about the new character of Free Fire …

Wolfrahh Game Character Information

Wolfrah is a 19-year-old Swedish video game streamer. Keeping in mind the increasing popularity of game streaming, this character has been linked to games with Limelight capability. At the same time, game makers believe that this will improve the experience for users.


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Game skill

According to the company, Wolfrah’s limelight strength substantially reduces the damage from headshots. At the same time, it also causes a lot of damage to the opponents. The special thing is that other users associated with this character also reduce the damage caused by the headshot and cause maximum damage to the opponents.


How to activate Wolfrah character

If you are lucky, you will get Wolfrah character for free in a daily spin. However, you have to update the game with the OB22 patch to get this character. Let us know that Free Fire Makers recently released the OB22 patch for users.

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