Mitron App may return to Google Play, no-entry for ‘Remove China Apps’

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The Mitron App, which gained prominence as the Indian version of TikTok, was abruptly remade from Google Play by Google. But now the news is that this app can hit the entry on Google Play

again. Indeed, Google has given some advice to the developer of the Friends app to fix problems that violate technical policy. Let me tell you that, before being removed by Google, this app had gained a lot of popularity on Google Play in less than a month, which you can guess from the fact that this app has 50 lakh people Downloaded on smartphone. Like the Friends app, Google has recently remapped the “Remove China Apps” app from the Play Store, which helps to delete Chinese apps from your Android device.

Without naming Mitron App, Samir Samat, vice president of Android and Google Play, revealed in his blog post that his team is working closely with developers to fix issues and resubmit their app on Google Play .

Samat said in a blog post, “We have given the guides to the developers, fix the problems once. After that the app can return to Google Play.”

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Let me tell you, Friends app was recently removed from Google Play. Google removed it from its platform for violating the ‘spam and minimum functionality’ policy. According to Google policy, copying content from another app without any original change is a violation of Google’s rules. The policy states that such apps would be allowed, providing users with an app-like experience already on Google Play. The app should provide a better experience to users through its unique content and services.

It is also important to mention that the Friends app is very similar to TikTok in use. However, the reason for gaining so much popularity in such a short time is that on this app you get exactly the same experience that used to be on Tiktok. Tiktok had hit the target of people due to many controversies, due to which people started installing it by giving it a low rating.

Initial reports had stated that the Friends app is the Indian version of TicketLock, but later it became clear that it was an app source code purchased from Pakistani software developer company Qboxus.


No ease for the makers of Remove China Apps?

Remove China Apps was also removed from Google Play on Wednesday after the Mitron App. This is because of the violation of Deceptive Behavior rules i.e. Deceptive Behavior Rules. According to Google, no app could encourage users to remove third-party apps, due to which the app was suspended. The remov China app was designed for this purpose so that users can uninstall China-made apps from their Android smartphones.

It seems that the ‘Remove China Apps’ will not find a place on the Google Play platform again. Samat made it clear in his blog post that when an app targets another app, it is against their community and customers.

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