Look inside ISRO’s space Capsule Prototype that will carry with them a half-humanoid

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These will carry with them a half-humanoid, along with a few other experiments on micro-gravity and its effects on humans, said Dr Sivan.


The three-day international symposium of ISRO is a brain-storming session, bringing in space scientists and astronauts from across the world to hold consultations on technologies and challenges for human spaceflights. “The first unmanned mission will be in December, and it may spill over into next year. The second unmanned mission will be six months later, by June 2021. The aim is to conduct a manned mission before August 2022,” said Dr Sivan.

 Sivan said that the deadline of August 2022 was to meet the 75th anniversary of independent India, as desired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “It is ambitious to do this, in this time period. But it (the decision) was taken knowing that ISRO has already developed the re-entry systems, recovery systems and crew escape systems. Only missing elements are human life support systems, which we are developing now,” he said. Asked to elaborate on the human life support systems that need to be developed, Sivan said there are varied factors. “In space, everything is vaccum. What is there on the ground, we have to create that. There are many things, like pressure shold be maintained at a particular value.


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