ISRO Donate more than 5 Crores to the PM -Care Fund

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From the voluntary contribution of a day’s salary of employees of ISRO/DOS, the department has contributed more than 5 Crores INR to the PM -CARES fund . Reiterating the commitment of Team ISRO/DOS to stand in solidarity with the entire nation to resolutely and effectively combat the global crisis.

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crisis precipitated by Corona virus today, ISRO scientists are researching the best methods to provide essential medical devices that protect and help treat the victims of COVID-19 pandemic in our country.

From where does ISRO get funds to do its research and other activities?

ISRO is managed by the Department Of Space under the Space Commission which reports directly to the Prime Minister of India. Each year a Parliamentary Standing Committee on Science and Technology, Environment and Forests visits the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) and review current work there and recommend an annual budget. It was allocated 79.27 billion INR for the year 2015–2016 by the Finance minister in The Union Budget of India, also referred to as the Annual financial statement in the Article 112 of the Constitution of India. 


1)It earns money directly from commerial space missions by sending customer satellites into ISRO rockets and providing various satellite and rocket parts to the international customers.


2)Funds and budget from Department of Space(DoS),Government of india

It is directly funded by department of space(DoS) which runs under Government of India.

This DoS is operated by prime minister of india unlike any other state or union ministry.

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