If the storage of Gmail is full then don’t worry, increase the space like this

Google’s mail service ie Gmail is used most for office work or other tasks. Often we use Gmail for office or other purposes. Google gives its users up to 15 GB of free storage, but sometimes this space is also reduced. After increasing the space, we need to find out what is the reason for the maximum space in Gmail. Learn how to find it.

To increase space in Gmail, delete unnecessary email. We do not know how many companies come in the day filled with ads, which are of no use to us. Unsubscribe these ads and delete these unnecessary mails. Delete the mails which are not useful from social and promotion. Which will clear a lot of space from your mail.


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Delete attachments

Often many attachments come with emails which cover a significant amount of space in the mail. If none of these are of any use, then delete them, so that you can get a lot of space. An easy way to do this is to search size 5m in the search window of Gmail. After this, you will get all those mails with which attachments of more than 5 MB have come. After that, delete those which are not useful and also clear the trash. This will give a lot of space in Gmail.

Delete old mail

Our emails are mailed years old, which unnecessarily take up space. Clear the space by deleting them all. In the search window, search by typing Older Deeds and increase the space in your Gmail by deleting old and non-essential mails.

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