How to use your own controllers While playing Google Stadia ?

The unfastened tier of Google Stadia’s cloud gaming carrier currently launched, allowing individuals who didn’t buy the Premiere Edition to eventually get in on some of the action. If you’re looking to attempt it out yourself however don’t have an reliable Stadia Controller, you thankfully don’t need to allow that forestall you.

You can, of course, buy one from Google if you pick out to. And if you want to play wirelessly at the Chromecast Ultra, the company’s Stadia Controller is currently your only choice to do that. But on PC and mobile, the carrier works with maximum famous console gaming controllers, together with the Xbox One controller and the PlayStation four’s DualShock 4

controller. Even controllers dating back to the Xbox 360 will work.
For the maximum part, the stressed out and wireless controller assist in Stadia is good, though no longer perfect. For instance, Stadia has aid for a few wi-fi controllers, but others might need to be physically plugged in to work as intended. And whether it really works wirelessly or no longer may come down to which tool you’re gambling on: a Windows 10 / Linux / macOS PC strolling Google Chrome or one of the few supported devices going for walks Android 10.

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It’s all a little complicated, but below, we strive to make it clean with a few steps to get popular controllers linked to Stadia on any device that is supported.


Sony’s controller for the PlayStation four will work wired or whilst connected through Bluetooth with your computer strolling Google Chrome (model seventy seven or greater). This controller also works with phones walking Android 10 software in stressed or Bluetooth mode.

To bodily join it to your laptop, just discover a Micro USB to USB-A cable and link the two sources. The drivers ought to download automatically.

To join it wirelessly thru Bluetooth to either your pc or a phone, make sure the device so as to host Stadia is in Bluetooth pairing mode. Then, at the DualShock four, press and maintain its “Share” button just to the left of the touchpad, then preserve the middle “PlayStation” button with the emblem on it. The mild bar at the pinnacle of the controller will start to blink, a trademark that it’s seeking out a device to pair up with. They need to find each other. If not, try it again.


It’s the exact equal tale for the Microsoft Xbox One controller. Stadia helps the controller on PC (on Chrome with version 77 or later installed) whether or not it’s stressed or in case you’re connected via Bluetooth. Phones that could run Stadia will additionally support the controller both stressed or wire-free.


The Switch Pro controller will paintings with Google Chrome to your PC either wired or through Bluetooth. If you need to attach it with a wire, recognise that, in contrast to the others, Nintendo’s controller plugs in with a USB-C port.

To use it with phones logging Android 10 that support Stadia, Google doesn’t listing the Switch Pro controller as being well suited with it both as a wired or wireless controller. That said, it worked nice as a Bluetooth controller in my experience. Your experience may vary, however it’s really worth a strive if you already personal one.

To set it up, just click on it and hold the sync button near the Switch Pro controller’s USB-C port. Then pair it in your tool’s Bluetooth settings. (Oddly, the pairing LEDs on the controller maintain running to and fro as if it didn’t join, but it labored with any Stadia game that I tried.)


Even Google’s own Stadia Controller presently has a few limitations. It’s the best controller on the way to paintings wirelessly on a TV with a Google Chromecast Ultra established to it. However, it’s presently much extra limited than a PS4, Xbox One, or Switch Pro controller.

Whether you intend to apply the Stadia Controller for your PC with Google Chrome (model seventy seven or later) or with a device walking Android 10, it’ll want to be wired.

The Stadia Controller has a Bluetooth radio, and it’s probably that Google will switch it on at some point via a firmware update. But “some point” isn’t proper now. This controller, just like the Switch Pro, connects via USB-C, so hold that in mind whilst you’re searching out a cable.

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