How to Update Your iPhone or iPad in Latest iOS 13.5 Version for Face ID Mask Detection

Apple is rolling out iOS 13.five, which offers a partial method to free up your iPhone and iPad while carrying a face masks.

We say “partial” because you nevertheless cannot use Face ID to unlock your phone with a masks on. However, it will hit upon you’re carrying a mask and immediately present an option to swipe as much as free up with a passcode.

This have to make the challenge of getting into your iPhone or iPad while carrying a face masks much much less of a chore. Currently, you have to watch for Face ID to fail a few instances before it affords you with a passcode option.

What Is Mask Detection on iPhone?

The iOS 13.5 update makes some modifications to the iPhone’s unlocking manner on more moderen telephones that don’t encompass a fingerprint sensor. Instead of spending 3 to five seconds scanning your face to biometrically unlock your handset, the moment a mask is detected, your iPhone will drop you into the passcode screen.

Apple made this alteration to its cellular operating system because Face ID makes use of statistics points gained from mapping your complete face. Unfortunately, that generation can’t just be changed to conform to our new masks-toting lives.


It’s also critical to notice that this new behavior is only for when your iPhone detects you’re wearing a mask. If your face is seen when you swipe up, your iPhone will nevertheless spend more than one seconds trying to find your face.


How to Update in latest version ?

  1. When the update is finished downloading, a message may pop up asking whether you need to install the update now or later; tap “Install Now.”
  2. After the install method begins, you spot a message that says “Verifying Update”; watch for it to finish. After verification is complete, your iPhone’s screen goes black and it will restart.
  3. You then see the Apple brand and a small progress bar within the center of the screen.
  4. The Apple emblem and replace development bar in iOS.
  5. When set up is complete, you may liberate and use your iPhone again as usual.

The Face ID Mask Detection function is rolling out globally and could be enabled robotically as soon as you replace to iOS 13.5. Unfortunately, if you’re not a fan, there’s no manner to disable this feature either.

Will Masks Work with Older iOS Versions?

Before iOS 13.5, whilst you swiped up carrying a mask, you’d still see the “Face ID” scanning text for three to 5 seconds earlier than it gave up and asked you to enter the passcode.

You can attempt to installation an alternative look with the mask folded in half of to get round it, but the outcomes are going to be murky at best.
Once in Software Update, your phone will take a look at for an replace and then gift you with a description of iOS 13.5. You can then tap Download and Install to start the system. You’ll be prompted to enter your passcode, and then the update will down load on your iPhone or iPad.

After it’s done, it’ll put together the replace — this can take some minutes. It will even present you with an predicted time frame.

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