How to Protect Netflix account holders PIN to prevent kids from using them

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Even if you’re no longer a discern or guardian, as long as you are the account holder you could nonetheless use the PIN characteristic to prevent different people within the identical household from watching stuff to your Netflix profile and messing up your recommendations.

The easiest way to set up a PIN on your profile is at the Netflix website. The steps below show you how it’s done.
Launch a browser and visit www.Netflix.Com.

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  • Sign into Netflix the usage of your account credentials, then pick your profile.
  • On the main Netflix screen, pick your profile avatar and pick the Account option in the menu.
  • Under the Profile & Parental Controls section, use the chevron in opposition to your profile to reveal further options.
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  • Click Change subsequent to the Profile Lock option.
    Enter your account password if prompted.
  • Click the checkbox subsequent to Require a PIN to access [yourname] profile, then input the four-digit pin that you want to use.
  • Click the second checkbox to require the same pin to feature new profiles.
  • Click Save.
  • When your PIN is set, Netflix will ask for it each time your profile is chosen at the welcome screen.
  • This will appear on all devices, including smart TVs.

Note that you may not be asked for a PIN if your profile is the only one which exists at the account.

In addition to PIN safety for profiles, Netflix has added filters for kid’s accounts that are based on united states of america ratings, as well as options to remove man or woman series or movies via title, and a feature for reviewing every profile’s setting the use of the Profile and Parental Controls

hub inside the settings menu.

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