How to hide Songs In Spotify Playlists ?

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Spotify helps you to make your very own playlists, however it also lets in you to enjoy tens of millions of others created by means of Spotify, artists and different listeners worldwide.

Not simplest that, it makes bespoke playlists just for you, together with Discover Weekly and Release Radar, which can be primarily based to your listening behavior (what you like, share, save, skip) and the listening behavior of others with similar taste.

of others with similar taste.

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Of course, there’s continually a threat that you might not like a track in a playlist that you otherwise revel in. Happily, Spotify has stated this opportunity and delivered a Premium feature that lets in paying subscribers to hide person songs in curated playlists.


When listening thru a playlist again, any hidden songs are routinely skipped. The following steps provide an explanation for the way it works.

How to Hide Songs Within Spotify PlaylistsLaunch Spotify and choose a curated playlist.

  • Launch Spotify and choose a curated playlist.
  • Find a song you want to hide and faucet the 3 dots subsequent to i
  • Tap Hide track.

If you change your mind, you can unhide songs in a playlist as well. Here’s how.

How to Unhide Songs Within Spotify Playlists

  • Launch Spotify and select a curated playlist.
  • Tap the 3 dots subsequent to the hidden song that you need to unhide (hidden songs are greyed out and indicated through a pink circled minus icon).
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  • Tap Hidden.
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