How to get Delhi government’s e-Pass Via WhatsApp During Lockdown

The government of Delhi is issuing e-Passes to individuals who need it at some stage in the 21-day lockdown

, that is in impact all throughout the country. The e-Pass is being provided for individuals who might need get admission to to food, ration, and people who want to travel for the duration of the curfew. The Delhi authorities is likewise giving the option to apply for this e-Pass via WhatsApp, which a few will discover very convenient.

The link positioned out with the aid of the Delhi authorities also includes Rs 5000 compensation for construction workers and pension quantity as options. However, there are some matters to maintain in mind when applying for this e-Pass. We give an explanation for below.

How can I get an e-Pass in Delhi?

The e-Pass website link is present on the Delhi government website. Just go to Delhi.Gov.In and you will see the option for the e-Pass right on top. The direct link to the e-Pass website is:

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Can anyone apply for e-Pass to travel in the course of the curfew?

Not every body can get an e-Pass for the duration of the curfew. The website notes that the “e-Pass is being issued for folks that are engaged in providing crucial services like manufacturing, transport, garage and shops however do not have a Government or Private ID.”

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