How to get a Fancy Mobile Number, know What is the Complete Process of it ?

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Nowadays fancy number craze is increasing rapidly. Everyone wants his number to be something that everyone can easily remember. There are many similar digits in a fancy number, which is quite easy to remember, but the question is how to get such numbers. Let’s know how you can apply to get a fancy number.

How to apply for a fancy number

  1. To apply for a fancy or VIP number, one must first go to Google and search BSNL Choise Number (for example).
  2. After this one has to click on the website CYMN given above.
  3. On opening it, a window will appear in which the states are given according to different zones. Select the state you live in.
  4. After clicking on the state, a new page will open. You can unlock the page by sliding the slider provided in it.
  5. As soon as the page is unlocked, some phone numbers will appear in front of you.
  6. There are two types of numbers in it, a simple number and a VIP number.
    Now you have to click on the fancy number.
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  8. By clicking on it, you will have a new table in front of you. There is an option named as Cost.
  9. You have to pay the price to buy these numbers. The price of each number will be written in front of it.
  10. In this, you can also search the number of your favorite digit. For this, you can search by going to content.
  11. Apart from this, you can also search the number under the option of search by series.
  12. Now select the number you want to buy.
  13. Now you have to click on the reserve number option given above. After doing this, a dialog box will open.
  14. Now you have to enter your active mobile number in it. As soon as you enter the number, a pin will come on your phone, which you will have to enter here.
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  16. After doing this your VIP number will be reserved.
  17. After reserving, click on Fill Application.

In this, you have to submit your details and make OK. Apart from this, you can also fill the form by visiting the nearest outlet of the company.
With this, you have to go to the company’s office and tell your reserve number and internet number. After which you will get your favorite number.

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