How to Fix WiFi issue in Moto G5s new Oreo update

After updating Moto G5 Plus to Android Oreo 8.1, some users facing many issues with it

Wi-Fi connectivity is not stable: It gets disconnected from Wi-Fi networks very often. Turbo charging is not working: The fast charging is not fast. It takes longer than usual to charge my phone’s battery after the update.  Wi-Fi issue on a few Moto G5 and G5 Plus units wherein the phones routinely disconnect from Wi-Fi networks and reconnect after a few minutes. The issue isn’t limited to one region, as customers in India, UK, and the U.S. seem to be affected by the bug.

Forget your Wi-Fi network: Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and select your home Wi-Fi network. Hit the Forget button to remove your network from the phone. Manually add the network again.

Reset network settings: If removing and adding your Wi-Fi network didn’t solve the issue, then try resetting the network settings.


Hard Rest your phone ( Hard reset will delete all your data so please backup all your data ) . Steps to hard reset :-

1. Power up the phone by pressing the VOL UP + VOL DOWN KEY together + POWER KEY .

2. The device will enumerate with different BOOT OPTIONS

3. Use the VOL DOWN Key to SCROLL and VOL UP Key to SELECT

4. Select Recovery

5. Wait to see “Dead Droid” on screen

6. Press the Vol-Up and Vol-Dn Buttons simutaneously to bring up the recovery menu

7. Scroll to “wipe data/factory reset”

8. Press POWR-Key to select “wipe data/factory reset”

9. Scroll to “yes”

10. Press PWR-Key to select “yes”

11. Wait to complete “Factory Data Reset”

12. Press PWR-Key to select “reboot system now”

Charging troubles

Fast charging delivers a higher voltage to your phone, and as a result you’ll see the battery charging up quickly initially — it takes just about an hour to charge the Moto G5 Plus from 5% to 80%. It takes another 45 minutes to get from 80% to the 100% mark, and that’s because as the battery charges up, the controller starts regulating the power to normal levels.


Think of it this way: initially, the charger delivers 18W of charge, but as the battery hits its saturation levels, the power management regulator cuts back on the charge delivered to avoid overcharging.

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