How to Find Text With Smart Smart Search on a Web Page in iOS Safari Browser in iPad and iPhone

Sometimes it’s difficult to discover specific information within an internet page in Safari for iPhone or iPad. Luckily, Safari lets in you to search for textual content on any currently open internet page the usage of either the touch screen or an attached keyboard. Here’s how.

How to Search the Current Web Page with Touch

If you don’t have a keyboard installed in your iPhone or iPad, you could search for textual content within the modern web page the usage of the touchscreen, despite the fact that the characteristic is tucked away in a non-apparent place. This method works each on iPhone and iPad.

  • First, open Safari and navigate to the page you’d like to locate textual content in. Once the web page is loaded, faucet on the address bar at the top of the display.
  • Tap address bar in Safari on iPhone or iPad
  • An on-display screen keyboard will seem at the bottom of the screen, and the contemporary web page deal with will spotlight. If you want, you could clear the deal with bar with the aid of tapping the backspace key on the keyboard (or tap at the small “X” in a circle beside the address).
  • The on display keyboard will appear in Safari on iPhone and iPad
  • Type in what you’d like to locate at the page. Locate the “On This Page” phase at the lowest of the quest pop-up. Tap on the line just underneath it that begins with “Find.”
  • Tap On this Page in Safari on iPhone or iPad
  • The pop-up will close and you’ll see the web web page again with a seek bar at the very bottom. Safari will spotlight all occurrences of your search question at the modern web page.
  • Find in page search outcomes in Safari on iPhone or iPad.
  • You can cycle via the results, up and down the page, with the arrows beside the hunt bar.
  • Tap arrows to transport among seek outcomes in Safari on iPhone or iPad
  • When you’re finished looking, tap “Done” inside the lower-left corner of the display screen. The “Find in web page” mode will close.
  • Tape Done whilst you’re finished looking in Safari on iPhone or iPad

How to Search the Current Web Page Using a Keyboard

If you’ve got a keyboard connected on your iPhone or iPad, you may use a short keyboard shortcut to look within an internet page.

  • Press Command+F and a seek bar will appear across the bottom of the display.
  • Find in web page in Safari on iPad
  • Once you see the search bar, click in the textual content enter field and sort in a word or phrase. The browser will spotlight all occurrences of what you’re looking for on the page, and you may cycle through them, up and down the web page, with the arrows beside the hunt bar.

How to Use Safari Find on Page in iOS 7 and 8

The following steps paintings are the only way to use Safari’s Find on Page feature on iOS 7 and 8:

  • Begin by using starting the Safari app and browsing to a website
  • Once the web page is loaded in Safari, tap the cope with bar on the top of the Safari window.
  • In that deal with bar, type the text you want to search for at the web page.
  • When you do that, a range of factors happen:
  • In the address bar, URLs can be cautioned based totally in your browsing history.
    Beneath that, the Top Hits phase offers extra suggestions.
    The Suggested Website is brought by using Apple primarily based in your Safari settings (you may tweak those in Settings > Safari > Search).
    After which are a hard and fast of recommended searches from Google (or your default search engine), followed via matching websites from your bookmarks and seek history.

But where’s Find on Page? In most cases, it’s hidden off the lowest of the display screen, both by way of the onscreen keyboard or by the list of recommended results and searches. Swipe all the manner to the cease of the display and you’ll see a phase titled On This Page. The range subsequent to the header shows how typically the text you searched for appears on this web page.

  • Tap Find to look all makes use of of your seek phrase at the page.
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  • The arrow keys move you via the uses of the word at the web page. The X icon lets you clean the cutting-edge seek and carry out a brand new one.
  • Tap Done while you’re finished looking.

How to Use Safari Find on Page in iOS 4-6

In these in advance versions of the iOS, the system is a piece different:

  • Use Safari to browse to a website.
  • Tap the search bar within the top right-hand corner of the Safari window (if Google is your default seek engine, the window will examine Google till you tap it).
  • Type inside the text you’re searching for on the page.

In the list of seek outcomes, you’ll first see counseled search terms from Google. In a grouping under that, you will see On This Page. Tap that to discover the textual content you need on the web page.

You’ll see the text you looked for highlighted on the web page. Move between times of the text you searched for with the Previous and Next buttons.

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