How to copy text from paper sent it to your laptop or desktop using Google Lens

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Google has just released an extremely useful function for its customers throughout the globe. This new characteristic allows Google Lens customers to duplicate textual content from a bodily paper. Users can use Google Lens to hit upon, reproduction, and then despatched it to their pc or PC. The satisfactory component about this option is that it’s miles embedded in Google Assistant on most Android smartphones. This characteristic will permit Google customers, in particular college students be extra productive. Students can effortlessly digitize and duplicate their notes with out any more steps. As part of the feature, Google Lens will locate the text and allow customers to select that textual content. Also Read – Google Assistant integration allowed for TV, media remotes and set-top-field manufacturers.

However, the employer did be aware that the handwriting ought to be extremely neat for the characteristic to work. Users with awful handwriting also can attempt the feature. However, the accuracy of the text detected may be up for a toss. In addition, the characteristic simplest works with the latest model of Google Chrome. Make sure which you are walking the modern day version of Google Chrome in your computer or computing device. This new feature seems to be a server-side update on the smartphone. However, it is better to ensure that your Google, Google Lens, Assistant, and Google Photos app are updated. Here is how to replica a textual content from a bodily paper and sent it for your PC or computer. Also Read – Google Lens revamp brings functions announced at I/O 2019.


How to duplicate text from paper in your laptop or laptop the usage of Google Lens

  1. As stated above, make sure that you are strolling the modern version of Google Chrome to your laptop or computing device. In addition, ensure that your cellphone is strolling the trendy Google apps. In addition, ensure which you have signed in to each the gadgets with the equal Google account.

  • 2. Invoke Google assistant from the shortcut or head to the Google Lens, or Google Photos app. If you are the usage of the Google Assistant then open the “Google Lens” button towards the bottom left component. This will bring you to a viewfinder where you may test and capture the photo of the paper. In case you have already captured the images then head to Google Photos, open the image and then tap on the “Google Lens” icon on the lowest area. Apple iOS users can locate the Lens logo inside the Google app for iOS.

  • 3, As quickly as you click on the picture in Google Assistant or Google Lens or faucet the Google Lens icon in Photos app, the software program will discover and highlight the text. Tap or long-press and hold to convey the textual content selection UI and pick out the text you need. As soon as you pick out the textual content, you need to see the “Copy to Computer” button toward the lowest. After you faucet the button, the app should showcase “Text copied and ready to paste on (Your tool name)”.
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  • Open Google Docs for your desktop or laptop and navigate to “Edit” to “Paste” the text.

There are a few necessities to use the function

For one, you’ll want to be signed in to the equal Google account on both your handset and your computer (or computer device). You’ll also need the present day model of Chrome. If you’ve got that covered, you’re good.

Google says the function need to already be to be had to all Google Lens customers (we tried it on a Pixel four and it worked flawlessly). If you’re an iOS user, you could use the Google app to do the equal.

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