How to Check Available Disk Space on a Mac

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How to Quickly Check Free Disk Space Using Finder

The most basic manner to check free disk area on a Mac is with the aid of the usage of Finder. Open a brand new Finder window by way of urgent Command+N or selecting File > New Finder Window inside the menu bar. (You also can use a little-known shortcut to open one from anywhere.)

In the window that opens, click on on the drive you’d like to check within the sidebar. At the bottom of the window, you may see how a lot area is left on the power.

Free area displayed at the lowest of a Finder window on macOS Catalina

You’re searching out a line that reads something comparable to “904 GB available,” however with a exceptional number, relying on how lots free area you really have on the drive.

You can repeat this step with any force connected on your Mac via clicking on the force’s name inside the Finder window sidebar. Once you simplest have a few gigabytes unfastened, then it’s time to reflect onconsideration on deleting matters to make room for the device to function properly.

How to See Detailed Disk Usage in “About This Mac”

Since Mac OS 10.7, Apple has also protected a built-in device to view each unfastened disk space and special disk usage that can be accessed thru the “About This Mac” window. Here’s a way to see it.

  • First, click on the “Apple” menu inside the upper-left corner of the screen and select “About This Mac.”
  • Click on About this Mac within the Apple Menu
  • In the window that pops up, click on on the “Storage” button. (Depending to your macOS version, this will appear to be a tab in place of a button).
  • Click on Storage in About this Mac

You will see a window that lists to be had disk space for all your storage drives, including hard drives, SSDs, and outside USB drives. For each power, macOS also breaks down garage by file kind in a horizontal bar graph.

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Checking free disk area in macOS Catalina

If you hover your mouse over the bar graph, macOS will label what every shade means and what sort of area that magnificence of files takes up.

Hover your mouse over the disk storage graph to look area by way of file kind in macOS Catalina

If you want even greater certain facts on which record sorts absorb the maximum area, click the “Manage” button. The window that pops up includes a “Recommendations” pane complete of equipment that can help you loose up disk space by using cleaning up files that you would possibly not want anymore, including routinely emptying your trash on a ordinary basis.


MacOS Catalina tools that help control disk space

  • In that same window, you may click on any one of the options in the sidebar to look a breakdown of disk utilization through file type.
  • Application disk usage on macOS Catalina
  • This interface also lets you delete files that can be important, so be careful. But in case you realize what you’re doing, it could be a brief handy manner to loose up disk area in a pinch.

There are many other methods to free up disk space on a Mac, including using third-celebration utilities, eliminating duplicate files, and deleting transient cache documents. Cleaning up an overstuffed computer may be satisfying.

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