Get Free YouTube Premium Subscription Here’s How to get it ?

YouTube Ads are traumatic to maximum people. Hence, YouTube does have a Premium membership in which you do not face ads and may watch your content with none interruptions. The top rate membership also has different blessings like the potential to run YouTube within the historical past and put into effect an Audio-Only mode in which you can simplest stream the audio of the clip while in different apps.

While you can go and buy yourself a YouTube Premium membership or take the 30-day trial, there’s another way to get all its advantages without cost. If you appear to be a Flipkart Plus coins, you may actually declare a unfastened top rate club of 6 months easily. All it will fee you is 150 Flipkart Plus Super Coins. Check out the way to get the service without cost below.

  1. Head over to the Flipkart Website. Alternatively. If you’re using a smartphone, you could even head to the Flipkart app, to be had on each the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. If you haven’t already, log into your Flipkart Plus ID> Remember that you want to have a Flipkart Plus ID and no longer a ordinary Flipkart ID for this to work.
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  3. Go to the ‘Flipkart Zone’ on the internet site or within the application. Once you are here, search for the ‘Claim Exclusive Reward’ section.
  4. You need to find the YouTube Premium Reward underneath the Exclusive Reward section. It will cost you one hundred fifty Super Coins. Once you pick out the offer, you should get hold of a voucher for the same proper away. This voucher can now be used to redeem a unfastened top rate subscription of 6 months. However, it will most effective work if you are a new purchaser who has by no means used YouTube Premium or its trial before.
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  6. Head over to the YouTube Premium Free Subscription page. Here you will be asked to go into a voucher code. Enter the voucher code you acquired from the YouTube Premium Reward in Flipkart. In the following step, click on on ‘Try it Free’.

Note that as a shape of payment you may be charged Rs 150 as a test amount. Once that is done, your free YoutUbe Premium subscription for six months is activated.

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