Did Ancient Civilizations Exist and Move Away From Earth? Before Humans

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The idea that extra-terrestrial excursions visited the Earth at one time, or that they continue to travel the Earth, has long been a popular base for foreign enthusiasts. State-sponsored initiatives ranging from the ProjectBlue Book in the 1950s and the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program in the 60s to the twenty-first century have now seen thousands of UFOs and Alien reports. The idea, however, is almost always that these cronconiformed, other types of organisms may invade our planet… but what if tupocyte was really true? For decades, there has been serious speculation — some reliable, some not so credible — that humans may not be the first intelligent beings to evolve on our planet. The Earth is more than 6.5 billion years old, and when we can chart various structural and sociological changes to its astonishment of accuracy (especially by analyzing rock layers), the suggestion that Earthmite took billions of years before humans The host of other advanced species is never really far away.

It is also a favorite subject for science fiction writers, as well as, “Doctor Who” is one of the first fictional creations for featurette, beginning with the Silurians in 1970 – a race of humans with advanced humanities, significantly , Is the preceding man. But is it really possible that before the planet for some reason, we might have more intelligent or more intelligent beings on earth than humans? For Gavin Schmidt, director of NASA GoddardInstitute for space studies, and physicist Adam Frank, that’s not possible … but it’s definitely something we should ask ourselves! Together they developed the Silurian Hypothesis, which is an investigation into what we – modern humans – will be able to detect in industrial civilization. If such a civilization existed, there are no clear signs on the surface of the Earth to follow the present day… but, for Schmidt, Frank, and others, it is all the more complex! One way to examine the evidence of preferences is to consider their energy use. In general, advanced people need more energy as their population grows, and arguably one of the simplest ways to get that energy (that we know of) is to burn fossil fuels. When we use fossil fuels, we emit dioxidecarbon dioxide back into the atmosphere, and scientists need different technologies to determine how much CO2 was or was not present at a particular period in history. Therefore, we can chart carbon “spikes” in history, and debate what caused them. In recent times, it has been thought that, as a result of human activity, our carbon levels have risen faster than before.

So, the future civilization was ever to look back, our lives. Will contain compelling evidence for the existence of life at that time. Period. The Silurian Hypothesis leads us to ask whether we have seen anything similar before, however, at the beginning of the Eocenepoche about fifty-fifty million years ago. At that time, it appears, as if a period of sudden global warming has also arisen — today called the Paleocene – Eocene thermal maximum — that will, perhaps, create the same conditions as what we are experiencing. , Who are on the verge of experience today. There is no evidence that an elevation existed at that time, more indicative that something – natural or otherwise – was the reason for changing the Earth. In the hypothetical event that ancient, unknown people once lived here, however, a spike in global warming may be reason enough to leave them. We only need to look at efforts to spread to different areas of humanity and the solar system to think about such a move. In the twenty-first century, we are eyeing Mars in particular, but other nearby planets and their moons – including Jupiter’s Europa and Saturn’s Titan. For some ancient societies living in the earlier and earlier solar systems, however, the destination of choice may be even better. Some other (often far-fetched) proposals of earlier human civilizations also include that they may be advanced enough to cover their tracks; In his later stages, he deliberately chose to remove traces of himself, perhaps even speculating that another civilization would develop after him.


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In either attempt to explain themselves about climate change, they successfully developed carbon negative techniques – which we are trying to build today – to erase their historical impression, only before the planets changed. Significantly, though, while those inspirations seem

There is still nothing through sufficient valid, direct evidence that such a pioneering idea never actually existed. For now, all we really need to know is that we can say with confidence that climate change has occurred in the Earth before, but we make sure that what is said about past global warming spikes. We are certainly making sure that today’s climate change is accelerated by humans, but that does not mean that pre-experimental rays are also being affected by advanced civilizations.

Must have been triggered. For now, science is more of a leap for imagination than fact. In the meantime, however, it is not, though predictable, to be remembered forever. Yes, the impact of humanity on Earth can be seen – we have built skyscrapers for clouds and spaceships

so that we can have them – but all of this can be quite temporary in the grand scheme of history. For Adam Frank, chances are aftera doubles million years; “Any physical reminder of our civilization [will] disappear”. For a long time, direct evidence of our existence lies in the cities we have built, the roads we have built, and the monuments we have built … but, for whatever reasons that disappeared there were humans, then they quickly Slowly reclaimed by creepers, weeds, rivers, and oceans, they decompose.

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Even when you consider, even though it seems that we have conquered much of Earth, only one percent of the planet’s surface is actually considered urbanized … it may not even seem that long. by time! Despite any desire we may have to inherit an inheritance, Earth’s accomplishments to humanity can be quickly cleared… Primate left for another, far-off intelligent species, and the analysis of rock samplingwounders To do that nothing came before them. Perhaps then, the same thing had really appeased some other advanced species; They forced a life on Earth, ran into problems, and moved without a trace or beyond our reach – their achievements now reduced to just a few layers of rock or ice, which today’s scientists Waiting to explain truly. As such, it is an imaginary reality that warns of a real world… that the Earth may not always be so wide for us. But, in truth, it is still a fictional first and foremost.

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