Country’s first ‘robotic family’ offices, ready to work in hospitals, know the characteristics

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Do you know about the country’s first humanoid family? Yes, the humanoid family means a robot family that looks like humans. This humanoid family has been prepared by Milagrow Humantech.

These robots can be used as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, reception offices and even as security guards. These robots can deliver medicines to patients in hospitals to monitor patients.

If you talk about the hotel industry, then you can make different types of announcements, from taking orders from customers. Apart from this, changes can also be made according to the need of the industry.

Robots price

Now the question in your mind will be what is the cost of these robots. The cost of Robo Le Caprio is 12 lakh rupees. At the same time, Robo Julia costs 10 lakh rupees. Talking about Robo Elf, its price is 6.5 lakh rupees. At the same time, the cost of the Robo Nano, the smallest member of the family, is 4 lakh rupees.


Robots demand increased manifold

Due to coronavirus and lockdown, the demand for robots in the country is very fast. Milagrow founder Rajeev Karwal said that the company has so far sold more than one lakh robots in the Indian market during the last few years. Talking of robots, floor cleaning robot is the most sought after.

Due to coronavirus and lockdown, about three to four lakh floor cleaning robots are expected to be sold this year across the country. Last year, around 10,000 floor cleaning robots were sold across the country.


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Rajiv said that due to coronavirus and lockdown, there has been a tremendous increase in the demand for robots across the country. As of today, the company is not able to produce as much demand as the company has. Demand for all these robots is coming from every industry. From hospitals to hotels and from reception areas to factories, robots are now being used.

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