How to remove Write protection from HP pen drive

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Sometime USB Drive lock wit write protection and you are unable to transfer data . There are some method that can fix your usb flash drive write protection  1______ Fix from tool Download USB Flash Driver Format Tool (Ufix-II). Extract the  “RecoverTool_V2.00.42_M1223 8CE.exe” from the downloaded file and run. Click […]

How to find out WiFi password

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Step 1Locate Wi-Fi Settings Currently, there is only one flavor of Android 10, and that’s the “Stock Android” version directly from Google. However, in the near future, manufacturers like Samsung will put their own spin on Android 10 by applying an OEM skin such as One UI, which means the […]

Reliance Jio Officially Announce its VoWi-Fi Service in India

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According to a report coming from TelecomTalk website, Jio has already started testing VoWi-Fi service in some circles. Jio is yet to reveal official details about its VoWi-Fi calling service. The report suggests that the Jio’s VoWi-Fi service is already available in three areas: Kerala, Kolkata and Maharashtra. Jio is reportedly testing […]

How to use split screen mode on iPad,iPhone

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if you don’t know how to start split-screen mode, you’re out of luck, as iOS doesn’t give you many pointers, and you could miss this useful function altogether. So to save you some hassle, follow this simple guide on how to start split-screen mode on an iPhone or iPad. We’ve […]

How to enable dark mode for Google Chrome

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Google Chrome has a dark mode for desktop and mobile devices, but activating it isn’t as straightforward as you might expect. Unlike some browsers (such as Firefox and Vivaldi) there’s no simple box to tick or switch to click, and Chrome’s dark mode is activated in a different way for […]