Alibaba closes UC Browser and UC News business in India

Recently, the Indian government had banned a total of 59 Chinese apps in India keeping in mind the data privacy. After this decision of the government, China’s largest and popular e-commerce company Alibaba has started consolidating its business from India. The company has completely shut down its two popular apps UC Browser and UC News in India. Apart from this, the company has also closed the business of Vmate. Also, many Indian employees have also been fired.

A report by Reuters was informed that UCWeb operated the browser and news app in India as well as the short video app Vmate. At the same time, some employees of the company said in a letter on July 15 that they are losing their jobs after the ban on Chinese apps in India.


According to the report, Alibaba has fired about 26 Indians working on its payroll and has been cited for discontinuing the app. However, the company has promised to pay him compensation. But no press release or statement has been officially released by the company so far. In such a situation nothing can be said clearly.

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According to the report, Alibaba is a Chinese public e-commerce company, which has made an important place in India. UC Browser of Alibaba Group has more than 130 million active users in India. The company has 100 direct employees in India while hundreds of employees are working through third parties.


Alibaba has completely shut down the business of UCWeb, UC Browser and Vmate in India and the company has informed the employee of the decision by issuing a letter. In which it is stated that all the offices of these services in India have been closed. However, it is not clear whether these services have been closed permanently or temporarily.

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