Alert! India may have a big Cyber attack, Avoid this

There may be a major cyber attack at the time of the ongoing deadlock on the border between India and China. Chinese hackers can carry out this cyber attack by sending an e-mail in the name of free COVID-19 test in India. The intelligence agency has warned about this possible cyber attack. This cyber attack can be carried out today i.e. 21st June. According to intelligence agencies, Indian users may receive an e-mail called, in which cyber attack can be done under the guise of free COVID-19 testing. The intelligence agency has warned the users to neither open the mail from this email ID nor download the attachment.

(2 million emails are on target)

Let me tell you that a similar cyber attack was done on Australia in the past too. According to reports, more than 2 million e-mail IDs are targeted in India. This can be done on cyber attack users’ personal or professional email IDs. The intelligence agency is also monitoring three to four websites for this. Chinese hackers are preparing this cyber attack to target Indian users and can carry out big cyber attack.

North Korean hacker groups are also included

According to reports from security firms, the Chinese as well as North Korean hacker groups are also involved in this, which can carry out this big cyber attack with the help of a campaign. Singapore-based cyber security firm Cyfirma has reported that these hackers have a target of 1.1 million private email IDs in Japan, 20 million email IDs in India and 1.8 million email IDs in the UK, targeted can go.


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Avoid like this

To avoid such a large cyber attack, users should avoid opening any e-mail attachments from any of their familiar or unfamiliar e-mail IDs. Also, if you get an email related to any kind of schemes or offers, do not open it. Not only this, users should open any e-mail in the spam folder. Cyber ​​security firms believe that most users open these e-mails and face cyber attacks in the greed of free schemes and offers.

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