Airtel Xstream Stick Great User interface: Review

Airtel Xstream Stick review

Both the Xstream Stick and the Box 4K are priced at Rs 3,999. The streaming stick does not support 4K support, whereas, the box does. Another factor to consider is that the box can simply do more stuff for users, when compared to the stick.

The good thing about the Airtel Xstream stick is that it is quite portable and fits easily in your pocket, in case you want to take it along with you. Design-wise, the Xstream Stick looks similar to the hockey puck Google

 Chromecast. Just like the Chromecast, the Xstream Stick connects to the TV via an HDMI port and requires an external power input.

Setting up the device is quite easy. You just need to plug it in the right port, and connect it to the same Wi-Fi as your smartphone. Then you need to download the Airtel Xstream app on to your smartphone and pair the stick to your smartphone. After that, you are done and the stick doesn’t require anything else.


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