AirPods Pro with noise cancellation Launched Apple announces

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Apple AirPods Pro are the company’s first truly wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation. They are priced at Rs 24,900 in India, $249 in the US.

Apple has launched the new AirPods Pro with an all-new design and active noise cancellation technology. This is the company’s most expensive pair of wireless earbuds, costing Rs 24,900 ($249). While pre-ordering for the US will start October 30, the Apple AirPods Pro will become available in India only later. The standard AirPods will continue to sell at their earlier price.

The design of the AirPods Pro is different from the existing AirPods. There are in-ear buds now with flexible silicone ear tips. The premium version of the AirPods are also sweat and water-resistant. Even the charging case looks very different. As you might expect, the case supports wireless charging and comes with a Lightning port.


Apple has just launched the rumored noise-canceling AirPods Pro — not with an October product event, but via a press release. The premium earbuds are set for release on October 30th for $249. They’re up for preorder starting today. And yes, they still only come in white.

Apple has built microphones into the AirPods Pro that detect external sound, and the earbuds then cancel it out. The system used here sounds very similar to the noise cancellation in the new Beats Solo Pro headphones, just miniaturized to a much smaller form factor. Apple says noise cancellation is adjusted up to 200 times per second.


The AirPods Pro feature a transparency mode that will let you hear your surroundings while wearing them. The earbuds have a “force sensor” that you can use to control music playback and activate transparency mode.

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